A Brief History

The origins of ‘Hops’ is believed to be dated back to the Ancient Egyptians in which they were used in salads.

In reference to the use in ‘Beer’ and ‘Ale’. Ale is a ‘Un-Hopped’ beverage, meaning that is made without hops, where as beer is created using Hops.

In the UK, our tradition beverage was Ale, so we didn’t integrate hops into the brewing process until the 15th Century. This started when countries that we know today as Holland and Belgium used hops in their brewing process as this is where hops were cultivated. So in the UK, Flanders in North Belgium, started bringing beer to the UK towards the end of the 15 Century.

By the 17th century, Britain’s beloved ale had come out-favoured by the new taste of beer, and cultivation of hops had become in the UK.